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Portal site storing, coordinating and utilizing extensive maritime technology information

In recent years, the role of seafarers qualified in accordance with STCW  Codes and Regulations in the maritime industry  has diversified. Concurrently, maritime organizations have been restructured.

Furthermore, the improvement of maritime vessel operational and navigational skills is a continuous, uninterrupted process.

The purpose of this site is to establish close cooperation between maritime organizations and individuals through the Worldwide Web (the Internet), with the aim of improving maritime technologies and of ensuring that they are handed over to succeeding generations.

We will provide the latest maritime and maritime-related technology information through a network of maritime educational institutions, general corporations and charitable corporations, both in Japan and abroad.

海技情報データーベース 海技情報の検索・閲覧・ダウンロード
マリタイム教育・研修資料 海技関連の教育用ビデオ、テキストをご覧いただけます。

Thank you for always referring to the Maritime forum.
This website has been unable to connect due to a failure of the server since the 20th of June.
We apologize to everyone for the sudden accidental disconnections of our website.
Currently, we are checking and carrying out recovery efforts.
We apologize for making inconvenience and trouble for a while.